Inside the Holiday Wonderland of Yvonne Carpenter’s House

For decades before her retirement, Haddonfield, NJ, artist Yvonne Carpenter annually revamped her entire house in December, turning it into a Christmas wonderland and a showcase for the creations she made and sold through her company, Snickels & Kringles. The home also served as a vertible museum of Christmas-related art and antiques from the U.S., Japan and Europe. “The material culture and arts of Christmas connect us to this sense of a better time,” said Carpenter. “It’s remembered as an easier time, a time when families were closer and communities came together in joyous celebration of the same values and traditions. And we’re losing that. Maybe the more enchanted time we remember never really existed, but even if it’s only in our heads, its a powerful pull continues to bring us together. I loved being part of that.” See the accompanying text story of Carpenter’s company and career.